Earls Barton

Earls Barton is a village and civil parish in Northamptonshire, notable for its Anglo-Saxon church and shoe-making heritage.

The village was the inspiration for the film Kinky Boots and part of the film was shot here. The village has a history of ingenious industry including the Barker's shoe factory, a woven label company, and the White & Co factory that produced Tredair and Dr Marten's boots until 2003.

In the village's small market square there is a pharmacy run by a member of the Jeyes chemist's family, which family invented and manufactured Jeyes Fluid. The family also ran the Philadelphus Jeyes chemist chain and lived nearby at Holly Lodge in Boughton.

Earls Barton is renowned for its 'Dr Fright's Night' halloween shows hosted at White's Farm and is popular with neighbouring villages and towns.

In snowy conditions Kensit's field becomes a popular attraction for sledgers due to its steep hill.

After a change in policy regarding public libraries by Northamptonshire County Council, in 2019/2020 the local community took over the running of the village library.