Harlestone is a small village and civil parish in West Northamptonshire, England, divided into two smaller settlements, Upper and Lower Harlestone.

Lower Harlestone lies along the A428, with Upper Harlestone to the south-west and Northampton about a mile to the south-east. To the north-west of the village is the country estate of Althorp, Diana, Princess of Wales' family home. The estate still owns much of the land and many properties in the village.

The parish church of St Andrew was mostly built between 1320 and 1325, although the tower dates back to the 12th century, with Henry de Bray, the owner of the Manor, providing the stone and timber. A primary school, a golf course and a pub are also in Lower Harlestone.

Harlestone Firs, a large wood and country park, lies just outside the village with a garden centre on the other side of the A428.