Weston Favell

Weston Favell is an area near the eastern end of Northampton, and is part of Park ward of the Borough of Northampton.

The parish church (St. Peter's, Weston Favell) lies at the centre of the village, at the intersection of the High Street and Church Way.

Weston Favell, before it was subsumed by Northampton covered an extensive area of some 2,000 acres, reaching the Kettering Road in the North, reaching the Weston Favell Shopping Centre and Standens Barn Housing Estate in the East, The River Nene was the south Boundary, whilst in the West it crossed Rushmills Road and crossed areas that are now part of Abington Park. As a Result of this and as there are no Official Boundaries within Northampton, institutions in this area have adopted the name 'Weston Favell' despite being many miles from the village per se, these include a secondary school called Weston Favell Academy. Further to this is the Weston Favell Shopping Centre, a large facility, built during the early 1970s and opening in 1974.